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УWhen you have adjusted the physical to its normal demands. Nature supplies the remainder.Ф Dr Andrew Taylor Still. Founder of Osteopathy

УThe arterial stream is supreme but the cerebrospinal fluid is in command . . .Ф Ц W. G. Sutherland DO

УThe knowledge of potency within tissues begins with this statement [above]. These words state the principle upon which we will develop our understanding of what potency is. The body has the capacity to express health through this inherent potency. At the very core of total health there is a potency with the human body manifesting it in health. At the very core of every trauma or disease condition within the human body there is a potency manifesting its relationship with the body in trauma or disease. It is up to us to learn to feel this potency. It is relatively easy to feel the tensions and stresses of trauma and disease as they are manifesting their patterns. But within these manifesting elements there is a potency that is able Сto control or influence, having authority or power.Т It centers the disturbance. It can be sensed and read by a feeling touch.Ф Ц Rollin Becker DO

УTo find Health should be the object of the physician. Anyone can find disease.Ф

УIt is the stillness of the tide, not the stormy waves that bound upon the shore.Ф Ц W. G. Sutherland DO

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Welcome to our website.

The School of Practical Osteopathy УProject OsteopracticeФ operates from 2010.

Our school educates physicians and paramedics. Courses include craniosacral, visceral and structural therapy.

The training program includes knowledge of anatomy, physiology, propaedeutics, the basis of therapy and neurology, first aid, setting palpation and perception, skills with the craniosacral system and large joints by Osteopathy techniques.

Among our lecture staff are M.D., D.O., Ph.D.

Training program designed for 2 years and includes 1000 training hours.

Due to the synthesis of various areas of osteopathy (visceral, structural, craniosacral, postural, psychodynamic osteopathy) osteopractice offers a logical and coherent system of interaction with the body.

- About us:

Osteopractice is integrative treatment of functional unity of the human body, based on the principles of osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still formulated, and practical approaches of modern structural, craniosacral, biodynamic therapy.

The essence of the "Osteopractice" is the selection of the most efficient in the practical application of techniques and concepts of osteopathy, confirmed experimentally in patients with different diseases.

Based on the classical principles of osteopathy and biodynamic approach to work with the body, allow to get excellent results in the treatment with a minimum of physical and mental efforts, short therapy session.

- Courses

The Project consists of eighteen workshops craniosacral, structural and visceral osteopathy and five workshops on biodynamics.

Each workshop planned for 4 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The seminar lasts from 9.00 to 19.00. The duration of the course 2 years.

- Events

Our teachers hold regular workshops on the latest advances in osteopathy.

Information about upcoming workshops can be found on our website.

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e-mail: osteopractika@yandex.ru

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